So looking back at my records I made it to 5 of the 9 October Haunts at Six Flags. I’d first like to make a shout out to Wayne Dodd, who I’d like to thank personally for this event as it would never happen without him and his huge commitment to our community!
Thanks to Wayne through the Haunts, I had access to so many business leaders, company owners, business organizations, charities, and fellow networkers like myself at these events. As a serial networking I can state that the October Haunt was always the top event of the year!
Also, what a deal to get to go to Six Flags! I found not only business contacts but made lifelong friends at the October Haunt. I’ll never forget riding Superman Ultimate Flight with one of my banking clients, who now always greets me with a big smile as we are both thinking about being upside down together! You just don’t make that kind of connection in a hotel ballroom.
Anyway, if this is to be the last year of the October Haunt in 2020, I just wanted to remind anyone who every went, not to miss this one. Please make the 2020 October Haunt the class reunion it should be. It should have as many as been there, be there for it’s curtain call.
See you there!

The October Haunt is such a super event! You get to see old friends, meet new friends, and have a great time while you do! I’m sad that this is the last Haunt, but grateful for the wonderful opportunity that Wayne Dodd has helped provide to many people in the Atlanta area for all these years!

Geo-Hydro has enjoyed the Haunt at Six Flags for many years. Fantastic for fun, networking, rides, food, drink, prizes, and much more.